He came out into sunshine after a week in darkness ,

Although scared he tried to loose his restlessness.


Faked to be happy just to prove others wrong ,

He didn’t know everything he did was just not a happening song.


Rejected , ignored and unseen ,

The universe was again mean.


So Back again in the cave like a king ,

GOLLUM now only cares about his ring.


The funny feeling called love |A biased view 

Have you ever encountered some overrated disfigured feeling?

That one which is claimed to make you feel happy and contented.

The one which is supposed to make you feel blue and make butterflies fly over your head.

Where two people come together and integrate for their future, making cute promises, living forever together and making each other glow.

People call it love ❣

The feeling of it is actually a funny one.

From what I’ve learned, the feeling is at its zenith when you don’t know. You love a person most when you don’t figure.

It all is like that winsome albatross flying over the deck which gives you all the hopes of happiness in aloneness but ends up being shot and brings a curse.

But maybe the feeling is actually a pure sentiment which is discredited and slurred by those who fake it or is it just some overrated instinct which is used by foolish teenagers for dawdling!

Probably it does not matter. We should just agree that the meaning is abstract and unclear. It being pleasant or black doesn’t matter as eventually everyone will feel it, touch it or play it. Even if you know that the arrangement is temporary but you work on it.

The only important thing about doing love is not to love it, if you try to do it then you are actually forcing it. Those butterflies will fly on their own and if you try to touch them they actually die 🖤


Gazing at the endless

Have you ever felt the need to just sit alone on your roof and gaze at the sky ?

The universe calling you , inviting you to just leer it and appreciate it’s mightiness. Like a peacock showing off his beauty in rain , the universe trying to convince you to admire it’s treasure .

The demons inside you trying to stop you , telling you not to seek what that is pleasure and peace . The evil making a chaos in your soul . But you , you are pulled by the universe. Your body being dragged in solidity towards the heavens . 

You resting on a rooftop and just admiring the countless stars.  No wind but even then a likable atmosphere .  The little patches of clouds stitched with shiny twinkling stars on a canvas , everything is just perfect  and calm.

Witnessing  the galaxy , the stars , the clouds , the darkness and surveying the greatest depths in your soul. Your mind becoming calm and yellow . 

Entropy in your mind is reducing but there still is an uproar coming from your soul. The uproar is not because the soul is not at peace but because this moment of calmness is bringing the crude memories into flash.

Enjoying the view , you are thinking about everything in your life , what you exactly are ,about your problems , happiness and everything random. But then in this jiff of peace there comes a point where you are drifted into a bigger picture . Your eyes are no more just randomly looking upwards but they are now just staring at one single light. The thoughts you are getting now are much different . You are now in a state of nirvana. You are not suffering but not happy. Drums are beating in your mind but your soul is in perfect silence. You now are thinking about the creator of the universe. With a vodouists mind you are admiring the infinite depth of Almighty’s creation . 
Passing the stage of calmness and lights , you are again in your senses. Now on notch of sleep you are again just Gazing at the Endless 

Love or Just Care | A Poem 

This poem i wrote is for someone special , I hope the one reading this will also relate to someone they care. 

From just a girl to someone I care , 

Me being with someone this long is rare.
Reading my voice over phone , 

Quickly sensing the sad tone.

Those Calm lingering chats , 

We didn’t knew what were our depths .

Annoying like those kids in gay summer , 

Didn’t matter cause we were together . 💞

                                            – Love❣️ 

Faceless Vendor | Real Happiness

This afternoon, my mother dragged me to the local market. I detest that place. So much crowd and noise. But I had no option, I had to oblige to carry the loaded bags while my mom shopped.
My mother was haggling with a vendor and it was getting on my nerves. I decided to leave my mom to her business and walked away to a lesser crowded place to get some air. I reclined against a motorbike and was casually looking around, while waiting for my mom.

While standing there and cursing everything , I saw a man. A vendor selling plastic stuff on his bicycle cart . With unpleasant looks and reek fabric around his slim body. Walking calmly with a funny smile on his face. Sauntering down the street like a king in his frame without any moisiness or hesitation. Just walking , no one even bothering to pay him a look. But the man was happy.

When he passed by me , I took a quick look at his cart. There were just some plastic tumblers and other articles . All the vendibles he had would not even sum up to a thousand rupees. I just thought about what would be his maximum profit for a day , maybe not more than 200-300 I guess. But the shiny thing I noticed about him was. He was smiling ( Maybe I was even jealous ). A thin poor vendor dragging his cart in a small noisy street with no one even bothering to accept his presence , just smiling . Whereas a boy like me , who drove his mother to the market in a decent car , who wears fancy clothing even wears watches and knows English and French and even about stuff like technology , was unhappy in that place. Just cursing the crowd and everything around .

Two humans , one with nothing fancy and shiny around him was happy and smiling . But the one with many things to boast about was downcast and mute. It was then when I realized that it just takes nothing to be happy. Even a fake smile on your face can cheer you within. Your possessions and status don’t make you happy , but your positive nature does.

When we returned from the market . While driving I got a smile on my face about how a faceless man taught me a lesson which the chapters in a book couldn’t.

What if love was a season ? 

It would be that first transition from Spring to Summer.


It’s when you haven’t gotten sick of the heat yet.

When you first visit the park by the lake and you realize you don’t need to bring a jacket.

When you stand outside and instead of the breeze making you wrap your coat tighter around yourself, it cools and tickles your skin.

When you first begin smelling the smoke of the neighborhood barbecues.

When you start grabbing iced coffee instead of hot coffee.

When it’s warm enough to roll the windows down, but not so hot that you need to crank up the AC.

Love isn’t quite spring- that’s far too cold.

But it isn’t quite the middle of summer, when the heat starts to lose its charm.

It’s right in the sweet spot.

The Window Seat | An Underrated Pleasure 

The window seat of a train.

It’s summer time. You’re travelling by train. It’s a second class compartment.

Amidst the highly diverse passenger folk, frequent vendors and the hustle and bustle of the coach, you’re peacefully sitting in that corner with an open window by your side.

No, you are not on your phone and your earphones are not plugged into your ears. You’re entirely lost in the rhythm that’s created very gracefully by the heavy wheels of the train as they glide over the sleek railway lines. The train creates thunderous music everytime it passes over a bridge, which soothes your soul in a funny way.

As the train moves forward, your eyes are fixed outside the window. You’re too content in grasping the beautiful countryside passing by. The grasslands, the hugely stunning sugarcane fields, the swinging trees, tiny huts, village people, little children running by, congested temples and mosques and the busy streets.

You are deep into thoughts about random stuff in life. There’s a string of chaotic mess in your head. You’re thinking about letting go of something but you’re not sure how. You’re enjoying the moment. It feels meditative.

You look above and notice the gorgeous sky blended in the perfect shade of blue. The sun, in all its glory, is shining bright and high. The next station is approaching and It’s time for the driver to apply the brakes. The train slows down, crawls for a while and eventually stops.

The scorching heat comes into action and tiny droplets of sweat appear on your face. You become restless and wonder how the tea seller is confident enough to scream “chai chai” in the hopes of selling at least one piping hot cup of tea in such a deadly weather.

Finally, the train starts moving again.

As it catches speed, you feel the gentle breeze embracing you. Slowly, it cools the sweat off your face and you’re left feeling heavenly as earlier. You smile a little inside as the wind gets busy playing with your hair. You close your eyes and doze off peacefully.

Sometimes window seats create art, don’t they?

Man killing Nature | A Poem 

This is the poem or let’s just say a rhyming thing I wrote today on how we people used nature from very beginning and now have taken over it.

In a world of trees he was running  ,

Shaping his weapons and hunting .

Got stones and fire ,

the hobbits got their Shire.

Introduced to mud and sand , 

there were shelters but no forest lands .

Found the iron ore , 

Air became sore .

Pride and anger grew their heights in man , 

now he can do anything he can .

Causing the environment so much pain ,

The man has become supreme , But in Vain.

The Euro Backpack Trip 

From a past few days I was getting confused about what should be my first blog post. It’s a really tough choice as it will make my first impression out there , so it needed to be perfect . So this evening I was just sitting at my window ​and it was almost dark outside and the last light was coming at my table and suddenly I realised that this was what I needed , this was what I always dreamed of , this was the very thing I fantasized for much long . I have always dreamed of visiting Europe with nothing but just a backpack , no companion , nothing attach but just me. So here in my first blog post I will write about the perfect backpack trip to Europe.

Europe , the superlative beauty in itself is a place where one must visit in lifetime . There is everything , from sprawling cities to quaint villages , boulevards , railway routes , landscapes , mountains , beaches and lakes. Dreamy locations like Florence , Venice , Prague and of course Paris for thsoe craving for fashion. And then there’s the food..!

 The best way you can admire and feel the real europe is by trains. All of the countries are well connected by the trans euro network. True diversity at ground level can be experienced there and also it’s cheap so you can travel at low rates cutting accommodation costs of hotels. Also , my preference of visiting Europe would be alone without any companion . This thing has its own advantage , firstly you are not bound with someone , so you can stay , halt and skip anything you want , and then if you are alone you would be open for meeting new people and even make some temporary travel buddies , which will be a one good experience . Next thing about the euro trip is that the its timing should be properly planned . Firstly the weather should be chosen well , then as there are various local festivals coming around , so the visit should be planned such as to cover them up. St Patrick’s Day in Ireland , Roskidle in Denmark and battle of oranges should not be missed.

 Then about the food , you should be ready to try new local food everywhere . Don’t go for McDonald’s or something , trying local food will open a new gateway for you to bond with local lifestyle and will be a new experience . Make sure that you try to eat more variety and rear yourself to small portions. Then , as the most part of a trip goes in travelling rather than at destinations , so understanding of the place can be done by travelling locally. One can hitchhike if they are comfortable , it is cheap and gives one the opportunity to bond with the people there who can share the local stories from around. Another important thing about the trip is that you should not stick to cities and convention tourist places . If you are really a travel enthusiast and want to feel the pleasure and satisfaction of travelling then you should go at places other than cities , local landscapes , villages , lakes or even just highways or less travelled roads. Go under the radar and visit places away from clouds , there are a lot of small and beautiful towns in Czech Republic and Norway . The real and your true inner peace will only be discovered when you are truly lost.

Also when you are in capital cities then stretch timetable and stay up late and experience the night life.  Have some wee experiences , visit the bars and hotels or even streets . Many shows , concerts and street dances will be available  or at least you can watch a football match. 

And last but important thing is , be Safe. Don’t try to flash your expensive gadgets everywhere , while traveling in trains keep your backpack near you , keep your passport and visa documents  safely locked with their hard photocopies and also somewhere online. Also , don’t indulge in drugging or any criminal activities . Laws are very strict in some countries and you could be in trouble.

Thanks for reading . If you liked this , please help me by sharing it with your travel enthusiast friends.