The Window Seat | An Underrated Pleasure 

The window seat of a train.

It’s summer time. You’re travelling by train. It’s a second class compartment.

Amidst the highly diverse passenger folk, frequent vendors and the hustle and bustle of the coach, you’re peacefully sitting in that corner with an open window by your side.

No, you are not on your phone and your earphones are not plugged into your ears. You’re entirely lost in the rhythm that’s created very gracefully by the heavy wheels of the train as they glide over the sleek railway lines. The train creates thunderous music everytime it passes over a bridge, which soothes your soul in a funny way.

As the train moves forward, your eyes are fixed outside the window. You’re too content in grasping the beautiful countryside passing by. The grasslands, the hugely stunning sugarcane fields, the swinging trees, tiny huts, village people, little children running by, congested temples and mosques and the busy streets.

You are deep into thoughts about random stuff in life. There’s a string of chaotic mess in your head. You’re thinking about letting go of something but you’re not sure how. You’re enjoying the moment. It feels meditative.

You look above and notice the gorgeous sky blended in the perfect shade of blue. The sun, in all its glory, is shining bright and high. The next station is approaching and It’s time for the driver to apply the brakes. The train slows down, crawls for a while and eventually stops.

The scorching heat comes into action and tiny droplets of sweat appear on your face. You become restless and wonder how the tea seller is confident enough to scream “chai chai” in the hopes of selling at least one piping hot cup of tea in such a deadly weather.

Finally, the train starts moving again.

As it catches speed, you feel the gentle breeze embracing you. Slowly, it cools the sweat off your face and you’re left feeling heavenly as earlier. You smile a little inside as the wind gets busy playing with your hair. You close your eyes and doze off peacefully.

Sometimes window seats create art, don’t they?


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