Faceless Vendor | Real Happiness

This afternoon, my mother dragged me to the local market. I detest that place. So much crowd and noise. But I had no option, I had to oblige to carry the loaded bags while my mom shopped.
My mother was haggling with a vendor and it was getting on my nerves. I decided to leave my mom to her business and walked away to a lesser crowded place to get some air. I reclined against a motorbike and was casually looking around, while waiting for my mom.

While standing there and cursing everything , I saw a man. A vendor selling plastic stuff on his bicycle cart . With unpleasant looks and reek fabric around his slim body. Walking calmly with a funny smile on his face. Sauntering down the street like a king in his frame without any moisiness or hesitation. Just walking , no one even bothering to pay him a look. But the man was happy.

When he passed by me , I took a quick look at his cart. There were just some plastic tumblers and other articles . All the vendibles he had would not even sum up to a thousand rupees. I just thought about what would be his maximum profit for a day , maybe not more than 200-300 I guess. But the shiny thing I noticed about him was. He was smiling ( Maybe I was even jealous ). A thin poor vendor dragging his cart in a small noisy street with no one even bothering to accept his presence , just smiling . Whereas a boy like me , who drove his mother to the market in a decent car , who wears fancy clothing even wears watches and knows English and French and even about stuff like technology , was unhappy in that place. Just cursing the crowd and everything around .

Two humans , one with nothing fancy and shiny around him was happy and smiling . But the one with many things to boast about was downcast and mute. It was then when I realized that it just takes nothing to be happy. Even a fake smile on your face can cheer you within. Your possessions and status don’t make you happy , but your positive nature does.

When we returned from the market . While driving I got a smile on my face about how a faceless man taught me a lesson which the chapters in a book couldn’t.


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