So, let me start by stating what butterfly effect is!.. In terms of chaos theory, it is a phenomenon in which a small change in a complex system can produce large effects elsewhere.

Coming to the analogy. Let our lives be a complex system ( consider it to be), so any phenomenon (or action) we perform, may have an impact somewhere else. This impact maybe either in our lives, or in someone else’s life, or may be in lives of people we aren’t even connected to.

The two important things that butterfly effect teaches us is ‘Small things are important’. As they say – Take care of the small things and the bigger ones will fall into place. The second is, ‘Everything is interconnected’. A present action of ours would have been caused due to a previous circumstance, and the same action would be a cause of a future one.

Keeping these two aspects in mind, butterfly effect can be used at every moment in our lives. It would make us aware of whatever we do, however small it may seem to be. A helping hand to a needy, talking to a friend when he/she is depressed, or say, getting up 5 mins early in the morning or drinking an extra glass of water – all of these simple examples are a part of greater picture in our lives. The extrapolation of these effects varies with each of our lives and is up to us to focus and find the effects or consequences of it. And once, we do so, we will be able to map these small things as a start ( or integral part) of something big, which we wouldn’t have realized.


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