No One Tells

It never really comes.

For your entire childhood, you wait. One day, you will be an adult, right?

You see the first strand of hair appear on the corner of your mouth. Maybe I am growing up?

Nothing feels different. You keep waiting for that change.

Years pass.

16, 17, 18.

So long, high school. And so you move out. This is the first time you left home.

So long, university. Now you need a job. You never really wanted to be an accountant, but hey, you have to make the ends meet.

You make your first real bit of money.

You don’t go home that often anymore.

And then suddenly, there is three of you. Maybe four, maybe five. You are a father now.

And still, you are a child. Life changes, but you, you still find comfort in your mother’s voice.

But she’s gone now. And you are still here.

In fact, you just came back from school.

This time, no one’s making pudding.


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