Gazing at the endless

Have you ever felt the need to just sit alone on your roof and gaze at the sky ?

The universe calling you , inviting you to just leer it and appreciate it’s mightiness. Like a peacock showing off his beauty in rain , the universe trying to convince you to admire it’s treasure .

The demons inside you trying to stop you , telling you not to seek what that is pleasure and peace . The evil making a chaos in your soul . But you , you are pulled by the universe. Your body being dragged in solidity towards the heavens . 

You resting on a rooftop and just admiring the countless stars.  No wind but even then a likable atmosphere .  The little patches of clouds stitched with shiny twinkling stars on a canvas , everything is just perfect  and calm.

Witnessing  the galaxy , the stars , the clouds , the darkness and surveying the greatest depths in your soul. Your mind becoming calm and yellow . 

Entropy in your mind is reducing but there still is an uproar coming from your soul. The uproar is not because the soul is not at peace but because this moment of calmness is bringing the crude memories into flash.

Enjoying the view , you are thinking about everything in your life , what you exactly are ,about your problems , happiness and everything random. But then in this jiff of peace there comes a point where you are drifted into a bigger picture . Your eyes are no more just randomly looking upwards but they are now just staring at one single light. The thoughts you are getting now are much different . You are now in a state of nirvana. You are not suffering but not happy. Drums are beating in your mind but your soul is in perfect silence. You now are thinking about the creator of the universe. With a vodouists mind you are admiring the infinite depth of Almighty’s creation . 
Passing the stage of calmness and lights , you are again in your senses. Now on notch of sleep you are again just Gazing at the Endless 


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