The funny feeling called love |A biased view 

Have you ever encountered some overrated disfigured feeling?

That one which is claimed to make you feel happy and contented.

The one which is supposed to make you feel blue and make butterflies fly over your head.

Where two people come together and integrate for their future, making cute promises, living forever together and making each other glow.

People call it love ❣

The feeling of it is actually a funny one.

From what I’ve learned, the feeling is at its zenith when you don’t know. You love a person most when you don’t figure.

It all is like that winsome albatross flying over the deck which gives you all the hopes of happiness in aloneness but ends up being shot and brings a curse.

But maybe the feeling is actually a pure sentiment which is discredited and slurred by those who fake it or is it just some overrated instinct which is used by foolish teenagers for dawdling!

Probably it does not matter. We should just agree that the meaning is abstract and unclear. It being pleasant or black doesn’t matter as eventually everyone will feel it, touch it or play it. Even if you know that the arrangement is temporary but you work on it.

The only important thing about doing love is not to love it, if you try to do it then you are actually forcing it. Those butterflies will fly on their own and if you try to touch them they actually die 🖤



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